Fixing Past Government Issues

Tax payers will no longer pay for Councillor Cravens and Mayor Goldrings mistakes!

In 2005 we advised City Of Burlington Engineers that the Four Seasons Drive and Forestvale Drive culverts were totally buried in soil. This material was excavated and the Four Sesons Drive culvert was buried by 8 feet of soil, while the Forestvale Drive Culvert was buried by 15 feet of soil. Was it total incompetence that the cause of this eroded soil, which had never occurred since 1973, when the culverts were first installed was never investigated? Several failed drainage schemes were implimented by The City Of Burlington.

With the help of the residents along Hagar Creek I provided a video to the City of Burlington Engineers in 2012, Rick Goldring, Rick Craven & Marianne Meed-Ward. This video detailed THE ROOT CAUSES OF THE RAVINE FLOODING. Simply having Road And Parks Maintenance make the small asphalt diversions in the gutter at the side of Kerns Road would be a Zero Out-Of-Pocket cost, to return this water draining off this pavement back to the field where it had been going since this street was developed.

But the City Of Burlington spent over $500,000. constructing culvert guards at these two locations. The soil erosion continued, property flooding continued, and the eroded soil continued to accumulate on properties approaching these culverts. So then the City of Burlington spent undisclosed amounts on a study that excluded well known facts of The Halton Region Water Reservoir flood damages and remediation in early 2012, even before the City of Burlington had been provided with the video. The study claimed that grass clippings thrown over the edges of the ravines and excess foliage were the causes of the erosion. Of course neither of these were present at The Halton Region Water Reservoir on Kerns Road. Little wonder that The Water Reservoir remediation was never tabled in this study.

So now 13 years after the culverts were initially excavated, all properties along Hagar Creek to Four Seasons Drive have had permanent damages, from erosion of the embankments, large tree losses and eroded soil deposits our residential properties.

Based on a similar stuation in Scarborough in the mid 80's, where The City Of Scarborough discharged a new storm sewer into a creek flowing past The Scarborough Golf And Country Club, damaging this property. A civil Lawsuit under the guidelines set out in THE DRAINAGE ACT, resulted in The City Of Scarborough paying $3.5 million to the Scarborough Golf And Country Club. The damage compensation in The Hagar Creek instance will likely exceed this Scarborough judgement. This court case can be accessed at this link.

Since flooding at these culverts typically result in water levels exceeding 8 feet hiogh at both culverts, and with soft mud under foot, and under the water at these locations, a potential drowning of a child or adult would certainly result in Criminal Charges of Criminal Negligence Causing Death, a conviction of which results in a prison sentence. A subsequent civil lawsuit related to such a situation historically has been as high as $25 million. But now the City Of Burlington has issued this advice to the residents "STAY AWAY FROM FLOOD WATERS" Of course no flooding was ever present, prior to the implementation of the asphalt gutter at the edge of Kerns Road.

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