2100 Brant Street Housing Development

The proposed National Homes development of the 27 acre property known as 2100 BRANT STREET is totally unacceptable to existing Tyandaga neighbourhood home owners. This proposed development of 233 condominium townhouses with only single car garages and no on-street parking exceeds existing housing densities for the Tyandaga neighbourhood and with this lack of reasonable parking both at each condominium and on the street, must therefore have major revisions.

I would be very interested in learning if National Homes had ever considered this development with only single family homes instead of condominiums. Or alternatively, mostly single family homes with condominium townhouses bordering Brant Street. Based on the current demand for single family housing in Tyandaga, National Homes would have no difficulty in selling all homes rapidly. The neighbouring Tyandaga home owners would find a good fit with this addition to our neighbourhood. I would personally aggressively support this configuration, both in City Hall as well as in the neighbourhood.

For a housing development for this number of families to not have an attached, well equipped playground may be more profitable for the developer, but does not in any way follow recent Tyandaga area developments that provide for children’s activities without the need to cross streets to other playgrounds.

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