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A few years ago, Burlington was expecting a large summer rain storm. At the Tyandaga area there was only a light rain, but the heavy rain seemed to be mainly east of Guelph Line. Now in this area there no STORM SEWERS only SANITARY SEWERS. That meant that the water runoff from the streets went into the SANITARY SEWERS, which of course goes to the sewage treatment plant. This facility has storage tanks to accommodate large inflows and all will be processed continually, which drains the storage tanks over time.

Well, the storage tanks became filled and the valve that connects the SANITARY SEWER was closed , causing a backup, which backed up into residents basements, in the SHORE ACRES area of Burlington. One home owner told me that he had four feet of RAW SEWAGE in his finished basement, that destroyed his furniture, carpeting, furnace and laubdry equipment and of course the DRYWALL too. This all had to be removed and disposed of. The cost for this remediation was $45,000. And insurance paid only $15,000. While the City of Burlington paid him $1000. Of course this single sewer arrangement is still existing today in Shore Acres subdivision as it is in other parts of Burlington developed back then, including Aldershot.

In Tyandaga which was developed several years later there are both STORM SEWERS to handle street water runoffs and SANITARY SEWERS to handle toilets and showers and dishwashers etc., so rainfalls are not as risky.

I will investigate where only Sanitary sewers exist and inform all residents of the facts and also inform all residents of a “SILVER BULLET” protection for all home owners, so they are not caught in any surprises that are both costly in the short term and may result in reduced property values in the long term.

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